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Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Yesterday I spoke at an event called Crowdopolis. The topic was crowdsourcing. This has become one of the hot buzzwords in business. Companies of all sizes are dipping their toes into crowdsourcing. But what is it really? Well, crowdsourcing is a lot of different things and can’t easily by lumped into one small […]

Here is today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… The question I get most often from my Fortune 500 clients: “How do we create a culture of innovation?” Although there is no simple answer, here’s a blueprint I’ve found useful to get things started and build momentum. Ask employees for ideas – Most organizations start here with the corporate […]

On July 19th, I will be keynoting the inaugural Crowdopolis event in Los Angeles.  Want to know what I will discuss?  Check out this 2 minute video.  And if you want to attend, use this link to register and save $100.

We often hear the expression “Wisdom of crowds.” And if you have read my articles, it will be apparent that I am an ardent fan of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing makes the argument that the aggregation of information produced by groups, result in decisions that are often better than those that are made by a single individual. […]

I need your help! I am in the process of finishing the manuscript for my next book, “Personality Poker.”  The book will be published by Penguin’s Portfolio books and is expected in stores September 2010. We have been working on a subtitle for the book – and I would love your input. I realize that […]

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