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I first met Paul Golding 10 years ago in the UK when we were both doing innovation work for a mobile phone company. I always admired Paul’s understanding of technology –  not just from a bit and bytes perspective, but from a business perspective. He knows how to extract value from everything he does. We were […]

Advances in 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing and the supply chain… Imagine you are an executive at UPS. What market shifts would keep you up at night? Maybe it’s the fact the announced they want to get into the logistics business to compete head-to-head with UPS and FedEx. Maybe it is the rapid development of drone technologies […]

I was recently asked by a European magazine to provide my list of the most disruptive companies of 2015/2016. I thought about it and struggled to answer. For me, companies don’t disrupt; platforms, industries, and other macro forces do. Given that I provided my top 7 disruptive forces… Peer-to-peer – This is causing disruption to all […]

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