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Facts About Happiness That May Surprise You

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… At the end of this month, I will be speaking in Copenhagen at a Happiness at Work Conference.  This got me thinking about what it is that makes people truly joyous. Business Insider gathered some research on this topic and amassed 36 Scientific Facts about happiness, some that may come as […]

A Toast to Creativity

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… In previous posts, I have shared a variety of activities that I engage in to still my mind and foster more creative thinking.  These include activities like walking on the beach, meditating or sitting in the hot tub. Andrew Jarosz for the University of Illinois shares another way… drinking alcohol. In […]

If You Think You Aren’t Biased, Think Again

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… Last week I had discussed the concept of confirmation bias and the impact that it has on innovation. In a nutshell, confirmation bias is our tendency to seek evidence that supports our existing beliefs and ignores or refutes evidence to the contrary.  While these biases can impact any area of our […]

Are Your Goals Negatively Impacting Your Relationships?

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… Last week I briefly touched upon my perspective on goal setting. While they have been universally considered a magic bullet for success both personally and professionally, goals are not without their downsides. Interestingly, the way in which you frame your goals can have a significant impact on your relationships. This, according […]

To Set Goals or Not Set Goals, That is the Question

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… My Monday Morning Movie discussed some concepts from my book, Goal-Free Living. I have long questioned the practice of goal setting.  My book (published in 2006) challenged traditional thinking about goal setting and discusses how we can not only succeed in business (and life) but to do so while achieving great happiness and satisfaction. […]

The Sum of the Parts is Not Always Greater When Working in Teams

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… I was recently at a seminar where the instructor asked a very straightforward question of the participants; one that everyone in the room should have been able to readily answer.  However, what followed was complete silence.  Crickets. Why is it that once we are assembled into a group such as this, […]

In March, You Can Have Your Pi and Eat Cheese Doodles Too

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner.  It’s time to break out the corned beef and cabbage –  that is assuming that you are not too full from eating pie this past Thursday.  Wednesday, March 14th was Worldwide Pi Day.  And while we may celebrate this auspicious occasion by consuming […]

Real-World Know-It-Alls

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… We all have knowledge that has allowed us to excel in different areas of our life.  But as I had discussed in my Monday Morning Movie, sometimes this knowledge can be the very thing that gets in the way of our success. But if managed properly, intelligence can be leverage to […]

Beam Me Up, Scotty

In my Monday Morning Movie, I talked about the Power of Positive Constraints and how implementing structure can help us become more creative. Shortly after posting the video, a friend of mine, Brad Kolar, offered up a perfect example of an innovation derived from the Power of Positive Constraints:  The teleportation machine used in the […]

Four Heads Are Better Than One

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… A machinist, clockmaker, glass blower and mathematician were all walking in Menlo Park…. Despite how this reads, it isn’t the beginning of a joke.  It was actually the start of a new era. I am talking of Charles Batcheldor (machinist), John Kruesi (clockmaker), Ludwig Boehm (Glass blower) and Francis Upton (Mathematician); […]