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The Cost of Being Disorganized

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… In my Monday Morning Movie, I explained that there is tremendous freedom gained through simplifying and de-cluttering your life. While this freedom is a natural catalyst for creative thinking, the benefits of a clutter-free environment are much further reaching. Simply Productive, an “Organizational Design” firm, compiled an extensive list of statistics […]

Environments That Bring Out Your Creative Best

Here’s today’s Friday Fun Fact… In my Monday Morning Movie, I talked about finding your “third place” to work in order to stimulate new thoughts and escape from the distractions often found in your home and work environment. When searching for this third location, what appeals to you personally will vary.  However, if you are […]

Friday Fun Fact: How to Improve Your Improv

My Monday Morning Movie had me in a hot tub discussing the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’s (DLPFC) role in creativity.  Or more accurately stated – its role in killing it. There is research that also proves that the DLPFC affects a related area: improvisation. Research by Charles J. Limb and Allen R. Braun, says… …We examined […]