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If you want to grow your company, you’ve got to learn to let go of any task that doesn’t set you apart from the competition. ***  I recently spoke at an event where attendees were mainly small-business owners and solopreneurs. One of the points of my talk addressed the need to “innovate where you differentiate.” […]

When you think of great leaders, what traits come to mind? Honest? Competent? Inspirational? Courageous? Fair? Looks like a leader? Although that last one is typically not found on lists of leadership characteristics, looks may be related to one’s leadership style. In an interesting article published in The Economist, researchers found that students could determine […]

Back in my Accenture days, I had the pleasure of working with many brilliant individuals.  One person in particular stood out amongst the crowd: Brad Kolar.  Although he worked in the “professional development” department (which typically implies taking other people’s intellectual property and converting it into training), he was one of the firm’s greatest thinkers.  […]

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