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Your best source of revenue typically does not involve chasing new customers… Over the years I have tried many methods for growing my business. I’ve hired internet marketing firms to implement outbound marketing programs or improve my Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’ve worked with public relations (PR) firms who secured me key spots in national […]

During a recent podcast, the interviewer, Fei Wu, asked me, “What is a question that other interviewers have not asked that you would like me to ask?” I’ve never been posed that question before in over 100 interviews. The conversation was being recorded and felt pressure to answer quickly. I was unable to process the […]

A friend of mine is a fantastic freelance writer.  After telling her how great she is, she asked, “So if I’m that good, how come I’m not working now?  Tough market out there.” Yes, it is a tough market.  But I suspect that is not the reason she can’t find work.  She has fallen into […]

Last night I attended an event where three presenters shared examples of how “New Media” has become a powerful marketing tool. Here are my three favorites. The best video series award goes to the “Will It Blend” videos. Done as a viral marketing campaign, Blendtec, a small blender manufacturer, developed dozens of 90 second videos. […]

I was having a conversation the other day with the CEO of a small and growing company. We were talking about innovative pricing models that could help attract – and then lock in customers. Although there are many models out there, here are three I find particularly interesting. The Consumable Model With this model you […]

A recent blog entry of mine focused on how price impacts perception. Today’s topic is on how perception drives price. Many times, the cost of something is driven by what we paid in the past – even when the rules have changed. Seth Godin recently wrote about how Apple will be charging $3 for online […]

I wrote a blog entry entitled, “How to Lose a Sale By Charging Too Little.” In it I describe why charging too little reduces the perception of value. According to a recent Stanford Graduate School of Business study, there are biological reasons why price impacts perception. Subjects were given a number of wines for tasting […]

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