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Management gurus love to talk about the carrot vs the stick. Which works better, rewarding for positive behavior (the carrot) or penalizing for negative behavior (the stick)? The answer to this is not cut and dried. Both work in different situations.

  This article was published on the American Express OPEN Forum.  When I sent in the article, I called it “If you focus on the hot dog, you might go hungry.”  Clearly they didn’t like that title 🙂 Regardless of how you feel about Trump’s now aborted run for President, you have to give him […]

Organizations use a variety of tools to motivate employees to participate in their innovation efforts. The most common form of motivation involves compensation via a points system.  When you contribute an idea, solution, comment or vote, you get points – much like American Express Membership Rewards points – that can be used to buy a […]

I recently spoke with a new client who shared with me their innovation measures.  When I looked at their measurement system, I immediately saw flaws. But before addressing these imperfections, let me first provide you my perspective on innovation measures. In general, there are three types of measures associated with “challenge-based” innovation (be sure to […]

Measuring innovation is very different than measuring innovationS (“s” capitalized for emphasis). Let me explain. In our goal-obsessed society, we want to measure everything that moves. In doing so, we feel as though it gives us a grasp of the real world. But is this true? Do measures really provide a lens into reality? A […]

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