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I am in NYC participating as a delegate in the Global Creative Leadership Summit led by the Louis Blouin Foundation. Attending are 100 fascinating people ranging from Prime Ministers to business leaders. Over the course of 3 days there are a number of conversations on topics related to improving the world. Here are some of […]

Here’s a 1 minute video clip from a speech I gave a year ago in Denmark. It compares the movement of innovation efforts in companies to the movement of old, wooden roller coasters.

I was recently interviewed via email for a Canadian publication.  I was asked 5 questions.  Given the journalists deadline, I needed to provide an immediate response.  Here are “off the top of my head” answers – without editing. 1. What is your own definition of an innovative business? An innovative business is one that continually […]

According to a recent study by Chuck Frey at, 47% of companies say that the climate for innovation has “improved slightly or significantly” since the onset of the global recession.  In fact, only a quarter of the respondents felt that the climate for innovation has deteriorated. Surprisingly, only one third of the companies say […]

In a previous blog entry on the innovation bell curve, I presented a bimodal distribution curve rather than a bell curve.  I did this because I wanted to clearly show the contrast between the existing model and the emerging model.  I also did this because I am “graphically challenged” and I could not find a […]

In my previous blog entry, I discussed the struggles of Starbucks and how the innovation bell curve predicted this. Their early response to increased pressure from McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts was to reduce prices by bundling. Not a good move. The other day they announced their new instant coffee. Their press release describes VIA™ as […]

The old model of innovation is dead…and a new model has emerged. For months now, I have been writing about the Innovation Bell Curve.  If you read between the lines, you quickly realize that it is no longer a bell curve but rather more of a bimodal distribution. Therefore I have re-drawn my frequently used […]

I spend most of my days thinking about the “innovation bell curve.”  The concept is simple, yet profound. Budget brands will continue to prosper as mid-market consumers move left to save money. Although premium brands may suffer slightly, there will still be strong demand for high-end products and services. It is the middle of the […]

It was just announced that Starbucks is now selling a coffee and breakfast for under $4. It’s true.  According to CNN You can get a 12-ounce coffee with a breakfast sandwich or roll or a 12-ounce latte with either oatmeal or a coffee cake. According to CNN, “the move may be…targeted to drawing back business […]

While at Accenture, one of our analytical tools was Shareholder Value Analysis (SVA) – a tool based on Economic Value Added.  The premise is that by looking at a company’s financials, we can determine where to best target our innovation efforts.  The analysis can show us, for example, if reducing SG&A will have a greater […]

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