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People don’t want creativity. They may say they do, but there is a strong anti-creativity bias in most organizations. And unfortunately this bias happens at an subconscious level. This video shares some interesting findings from a study by Cornell University (my alma mater) – and the implications. Note that the video talks about “newness.” In […]

Your past success can lead to future failure. If you are focused on opportunities based on your past experience, you may be solving irrelevant problems. This segment is called “Good to Gone” as we discuss some of the companies that were once the largest in their industry, but they are now gone or on life […]

In my latest book, Invisible Solutions, I share 25 lenses that can reframe and help solve nearly any difficult business problem. To demonstrate the power of the lenses, I am creating a series of videos that show how they can be used to generate creative – and sometimes previously hidden – solutions to some common […]

Are you a service-oriented business? Are you looking to create products to support your business? If so, this 2:45 video will provide a framework to help you create the greatest value for your customers – while helping you scale your business. Visit to learn more about the book I refer to in the video. […]

Busy entrepreneurs need to step away from the business in order to grow their business… As entrepreneurs, we are all busy. There never seems to be enough time to complete even the basic tasks we need to accomplish. So, when do we have time to innovate? 5 years ago, I realized that it felt like […]

Throughout history, people have had seemingly good ideas that didn’t work out as planned. These were good intentions that resulted in less than stellar results. For example, imagine that you are tasked with reducing pickpocket rates in an area known for this crime. You have millions of tourists from all over the world visiting your […]

Is it just me, or has every industry moved to a subscription/membership model for their services and products? This seems to be a new form of business model innovation, especially when it is married with online services. Of course the concept of memberships or subscriptions is not new. Gym and health club memberships have been around since the […]

Should you ever give away your services (or products) for free? This has been an on-going discussion in the speaking community. And recently I found that the same debate is taking place in the magic community. There are some of my speaking colleagues who are adamant that no one should ever give a speech where […]

One very dark night I was walking down the street. Under a street lamp there was a drunk guy who was on his hands and knees looking for something. I stopped and asked what he was doing. He slurred his words and said, “I lost my keys and am looking for them.” I asked him, […]

Many people have asked me to summarize my innovation philosophy. Although I have many articles on the topic, to make it easy, I decided to create a 6-minute animation. This video summarizes the three key mistakes companies make when innovating – and what they can do to address those issues. Following these steps can lead to […]

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