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Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Today I had the honor of seeing my good friend, Ed Gerety, speak to 200 junior high school students. He was amazing. What I found most interesting was the response from the audience. I am used to speaking to corporations where the average age is probably 40 – 50. Here the […]

This article originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum site, and is today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… I subscribe to the 20/80/80 principle. The idea behind this concept is to focus your energies on the 20 percent of those activities that create 80 percent of the value. This can mean concentrating on the customers that […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom is an interview between me and Theo Androus where he asked me about the business model of my speaking business. We discussed the concepts of gamification and leverage and how they are important for creating a successful business (of any kind). This recording was part of the “Voices of Experience” CD […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… I recently attended a training class where the instructor was telling professional speakers how they could leverage their content as a way of making money in their sleep. The reality is, the focus was really on how to make products, not how to make money. Let’s face it, at the end […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Personality Poker is a tool I developed for helping organizations play with a full deck; enabling them to have a good balance of complementary styles. Why? Because opposites don’t attract. As a result, organizations naturally homogenize around one particular style.  (See my article, “Your Organizations is a Cult” for more on […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Yesterday I spoke at an event called Crowdopolis. The topic was crowdsourcing. This has become one of the hot buzzwords in business. Companies of all sizes are dipping their toes into crowdsourcing. But what is it really? Well, crowdsourcing is a lot of different things and can’t easily by lumped into one small […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Innovation is often discussed in terms of what we know about innovation. But sometimes it is useful to uncover what we don’t know. What are the things that might catch us off guard and ultimately reduce the long-term impact of our innovation efforts? Some useful questions to ask to are: What […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom is conceptual and lays the groundwork for future blog entries where I will provide specific tactics and strategies. In my Monday Morning Movie, I discussed how simplifying your life allows you to worry less about money, freeing you up to be more creative. As an entrepreneur, there are an unlimited number […]

Contrary to conventional wisdom, opposites do not attract. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that opposites repel. The reality is, like attracts like. As a result, your organization has a bunch of people who think the same way. People have personalities, and so do organizations. Many would call this their culture. This is an […]

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