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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro


Today’s Thursday Technology Tip…

You will notice that whenever I post a video or audio file, the next day (or so) I post a written transcription. I do this for two reasons: 1) some people prefer to read, and 2) it helps with my SEO.

Although I have used a variety of services for transcriptions, I have found that the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way is to use

You upload your video or audio file. You can even trim the recording so that you only pay for the parts you want.Then you choose how quickly you need the transcription. Costs start at $1 for one recorded minute. I typically choose the $1.50 per minute option which gives me a 48 hour turnaround.

Yes, there are less expensive options.

For longer recording, I pay someone $0.50 per recorded minute. The quality is great, but the turnaround is sometimes a bit slow and unpredictable. When I am writing a book and I have dictations I want to transcribe, I use this service.

And I have also used no cost options like Dragon. However I find that the amount of time I invest in correcting errors and adding punctuation makes it impractical for anything I want to publish.

What have you found to be useful for transcription?

P.S. I have no financial or other interest in speechpad. I don’t even know the people associated with the service. I just like it and use it.