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When you buy a book, you have options: print book, e-book, or audio book.

But did you know that soon you will have the opportunity to buy video books?

I’m working with Primeau Productions to create this new product for Invisible Solutions. It is like an audio book that includes elements for visual learners such as b-roll, graphics, animations, and highlighted words. Music and sound effects enhance the experience.

I am pleased to share the first 3:30 of the video book for Invisible Solutions. For those who know me, you’ll get a kick seeing me in nerd glasses and a bowtie.

The print book is available for pre-order. Buy your copy here: Invisible Solutions.


  1. I agree Stephen, and that is why I believe building culture for innovation is extremely important.More people in the organization must acquire new learning and new tools in order to do new things.If not, people tend to fall back to old habits and continue using the old toolbox. regards, Klaus

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