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What if your team could learn more, go deeper, and retain/apply information better – all without physical meetings? Stephen’s virtual programs allow for a powerful learning experience that can provide even more value than the live event.

We offer our live end-to-end virtual program in five parts:

  1. Pre-event video: This is designed to level-set everyone on key messages. Why have everyone watch the basics live? Allow people to watch (and rewatch) when it is convenient to them. This allows for the live experience to focus on the interactive aspects of the content – maximizing the value delivered.
  2. Live experiential presentation: This live session delivered via Zoom (or your platform) is focused on interactive activities, deep experiences, and Q&A. This is recorded and shared with participants. Depending on group size, we use breakout rooms to allow for virtual teams to apply the concepts discussed.
  3. Custom webpage:  After the live experience, there is work to be done. Therefore we create a password protected webpage where we can share resources, downloadable PDFs, videos, tools, and other useful information. In addition, we create a dedicated email address where attendees can submit questions.
  4. Follow-up live meeting. We give people time to apply the concepts from the live experience and use the tools from the custom webpage. But there are always questions people have. Therefore, 30 to 60 days after the live experience, we hold a second live session where Stephen answers the questions that were submitted to the dedicated email address. It is a two-way conversation where we can dig even deeper.
  5. The 30-Day Innovation Challenge: We keep the learning going for an additional month with a fun competition. This gamified mobile micro-learning tool can help groups learn together virtually and quickly with daily questions and videos. Participants get points for answering questions quickly and accurately followed by a one-minute video that explains the correct answer. The leaderboard tells them how they are doing. Learn more at

All programs are customized and can include some or all of the above. For those who want to go even deeper, we can add on additional live meetings.

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Other Virtual Programs

In addition to the program above, we have other ways to engage with Stephen’s content remotely:

Innovation Intervention: A two-month intensive program. Ideal for individuals or a small group who wants to go deep. Learn more at

eLearning Program: A self-paced, 90-minute interactive learning experience that helps you scale innovation concepts to large groups. Learn more at

Invisible Solutions Group Learning: This is a shared learning experience that is based on the book, Invisible Solutions. Once a week for 12 weeks, you and your team watch 15 minutes of video together. You then apply the lessons from the instructor’s manual. Learn more at