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I was just having a conversation with a good friend of mine. She’s currently in a bit of a funk because life is not turning out the way she expected. From an external perspective, she has an incredible life. But that doesn’t matter. She is still not happy. As we continued the conversation, we discovered that her expectations were the primary source of her disappointment.

Then, with her permission, I read her a brief passage from my Goal-Free Living book. It seemed to strike a chord with her and she requested that I start recording passages from the book for my blog.

Here is the first of many “5 minute motivational moments.” Today’s installment is from the chapter entitled, “Want What You Have.”

Click the play button to listen now or you can download the file to your computer using the link below.


Download the mp3 (right click and “save target as” to download to your computer)

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reading aloud from Goal-Free Living. It gives me insight into what you meant.
    This line clicked for me: “the future’s not a place to get to: it serves as a context for igniting passion now”
    I could add that the present is not a place either. I found this quote:
    “When we look at ourselves with appropriate attention, we focus not on what we are, but on what we’re doing — and in particular on whether what we’re doing is unskillful — leading to suffering — or skillful, leading to its end.”
    From: Untangling the Present: The Role of Appropriate Attention
    By Thanissaro Bhikkhu

  2. Anthony,
    A Patriots’ fan said that losing the super bowl meant that “It was all for nothing.”
    I think many of us feel that the final result is the way we are SUPPOSED to evaluate all of our efforts.

    At this time, I find that I can experience unending skillful efforts by looking at a goal, and then listing, NOT, weather I reached that goal at this time, BUT INSTEAD WHAT I DID DO. – basically listing what I did do successfully as GOALS ACHIEVED. 🙂

    Steve, with warmth and conviction, you share your ideas – sounding as if you are experiening them for the first time – here and now.

    The idea that I relate to is the value of appreciation. Perhaps, I am pessimist, because throughout the day I feel so very blessed by smiles, kind words, and my ability to stand and walk and even, to play tennis.

    At this time, I have a set of goals that support my happiness in the here and now.
    In 100 days, I plan to record 100 Instances of:
    Enjoying exercise and moving, seeing benefits from savoring food, insights that I have applied, And appreciating people, health, good luck, and more.

    Anthony and Stephen,
    Thank you for what you have share with the world.

    Happy Trails,
    Richard (in Minneapolis)

    PS: Do we really think that the value of our life is determined by the person who writes our obituary?

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