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by Stephen Shapiro

Personality Poker on USA Network

Watch Me on USA Network

Personality Poker on USA NetworkLast week, I made a guest appearance on USA Network’s show, “Partners in Crime.”

This reality show follows the lives of two very colorful criminal attorneys, Mario and Lou.

In this episode, the law firm’s staff are complaining about Mario and it is decided that an intervention is needed.

I am brought in to hopefully help get things moving in the right direction.

The first step was for Mario to walk in the shoes of his co-workers. He discovered it was a lot more difficult than he ever imagined.

The second step was for us to play a round of Personality Poker. This allowed everyone to share how they see Mario – his strengths and his flaws.

During the shoot we played Personality Poker for 2.5 hours. In the show, this was boiled down to 2.5 minutes.

It was a blast being part of the show.

You can watch the show for free on USA Network’s site (if you are a subscriber via cable/satellite), or you can watch it on iTunes.