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On Thursday, the Personality Poker book started rolling into stores everywhere.

People have been telling me about sightings in airport books stores and Barnes & Noble stores.

Yesterday, I walked into my first bookstore – the MIT COOP – and there it was, face out.  Check out the picture.

Today I will be traveling around Boston looking for the book in stores.

If YOU see the book in a store, please take a picture of it – ideally with you – and send it to us at info@24-7innovation.com.

We would love to see your smiling face holding a copy of the book.

We will be running a competition in the near future to encourage people to go exploring for the book.

If you haven’t done so, please check out our new Personality Poker book website.

Ok, off to check out some stores!

  1. I must say it’s a very interesting and innovative idea. Thing is, what happens if I don’t play a lot of poker, or I play against a computer AI only?! I mean, will the book still be relevant to me? Many people see poker from a very narrow perspective of gambling only, although it’s actually a very complicated game. So they might be turned of by the title :-(.

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