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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro

No Goals

Why You Should Ditch Your Goals

10 years ago I write Goal-Free Living. The book as impacted more lives than any book I’ve written. But at the same time, it has remained relatively obscure in the scheme of things.

When it was published, someone told me the book was a decade ahead of its time. It seems as though they were accurate.

Lately there’s been a number of articles and academic research papers published on the downside of goal-setting. Most recently is an article from the BBC

One of the open paragraphs of the article includes a quote from me:

“We get so emotionally attached to a goal that we’re setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment,” says business advisor, author and speaker Stephen Shapiro. “The key for success is, if you have somewhere you’d like to be in five years, don’t be so attached to it that it drives everything you do.” 

Please enjoy this article by Amanda Rugger called Why we should all give up on goals already.