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“21: The Movie” is in theaters today in the United States.  Last week I wrote a blog entry on what innovators could learn from blackjack card counters. 

Today, to celebrate the formal release of the movie, I am including a downloadable pdf with a full article on the topic of statistics, probability, card counting and innovation.  This is an expanded version of the blog entry.

Download the article (pdf) – to save the file, right click and “save target as”

Feel free to email the article to all of your friends, colleagues, and anyone else who is interested in innovation.

  1. We think we can rely on sure bets, but as we all know there is no such thing as a sure thing. That’s why we must spread out our ideas to many, not just a few and see what works best.

    I like your example of Koch Industries. They’ve gone from central controlled management to spreading out their resources to everyone with a good idea. It would make great work happy story. When people are giving the freedom to innovate they make smart decisions.

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