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I’m playing around with various AI softwares. Just for fun.

One is DreamStudio

Just give a brief description of what you want it to create, and it does it. Not always well. But it tries.

To be clear, the system does not copy and paste of stock photos. These are generated from scratch. Therefore each picture is unique – and sometimes a little weird.

Here are some fun examples:

A person with an idea yielded this:

I personally love this! I suspect it is by accident, but the threading on the lightbulb look like a head with nose, mouth and hair. Super cool

But it also yielded this, less exciting version:

Clearly the AI links “ideas” with lightbulbs.

Given lightbulbs are so cliche, I decided to see what it would look like with a person with a globe above their head. Innovation is sometimes about positive global impact, so maybe this could generate something useful. Unfortunately, it was not quite what I requested.

I asked to create a deck of cards with the invisible man on the back. 

The result are some strange looking cards. Zoom in on the top left card and you’ll see what I mean. The cards are clearly not from stock photography!

Sometimes the results are bizarre. It seems to sometimes have problems with hands. I asked to create a photo of a woman holding a lightbulb that is lit up. 

She has either very flexible fingers, or something strange is happening.

Don’t ask me why, but I requested a person without eyebrows. The eyebrows appear to be the only thing the system got right!

One final one for fun. Stephen Shapiro writing a blog post. I’ll let you judge how accurate it is. (hint: it’s not!)

If you are interested in learning about practical ways of using AI for innovation, please read this article written by my friend, Paul Golding. It might be less funny, but it’s certainly more valuable.

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