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For many years, I was a loyal BlackBerry fan.  More accurately I was a CrackBerry addict.

A year ago a got a MacBook Pro and six month layer I acquired an iPad.  It felt like I should switch to the iPhone.  But I was not ready for two reasons:

  1. I wanted a Verizon phone that could work globally, and the iPhone 4 was North America only.
  2. I was wildly concerned about my ability to type on a virtual keyboard.  Previous attempts were disastrous.

When the 4S came out, it addressed my first concern.  But it did not, from my perspective, address the keyboard issue.  Or so I thought.

I was asking for the wrong feature.  Instead of asking for a better keyboard, I should have looked for a better data entry method.

I bought the 4S the day it hit the market.  I turned off Siri, Apple’s voice recognition system, because I did not think it would be valuable.  Man, was I ever wrong!  On a whim, I tried it one day.  And now I dictate many of my emails and text messages through voice recognition.  The accuracy is amazing.  And my speed has been increased significantly.

I also marvel at the fact that I can gain access to so much information without ever going into Google. Will these types of devices be game changers, bypassing the search engine’s revenue generating ads?  I’m not sure; time will tell their full impact.

But for me, it is a game changer.  In one sitting, I dictated four articles; something that I had never been able to do previously.  I realize that there are other voice transcription services (manual and automatic) out there.  However, the convenience of having it built into my phone made it so accessible I could write anytime I was inspired.

When you are innovating, are you striving to make a better keyboard?  Or are you focused on creating a better data entry method?

Asking the right question will lead you down an entirely different path.

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