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Here is the first paragraph of another comment posted on my blog:

“I stumbled across your web site today and succumbed to my curious state. Goal-Free Living, how contrary to the stuff forced down me since childhood. I have seldom successfully done the goal thing. It some how runs against my nature to live life with some spontaneity. The word flow appeals to lovers of freedom and originality. The setting of goals according to someone else’s suggestion immediately puts you on there path to some degree, changes the flow if you will. Whoa says I. Do not take me off my path. It may be a bad path or it may be a good path but it is my path. If I divert my attention to this goal preparation at someone’s behest, I will probably, to some degree, put down those goals the goal pusher wants, which leads me away from my inner path, brought to me by all my natural faculties. Now it may be that my faculties are not so good, or perhaps the goal pushers faculties are not so good. Should I trust him or me? There-in lies the rub. It reminds me of a line in an old country and western song, ‘I can make my own mistakes just fine.'”

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