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When I give speeches, there is always an interactive component, regardless of whether the audience is 10 or 10,000 people.

I like being able to draw, but flip charts do not work well for large groups.

Therefore, I use a pretty cool technological set-up to run my presentations:

  1. I run my Keynote presentation off of my iPad2.  I also use Penultimate app as the drawing application.  This combination allows me to show slides but also use my iPad as an electronic whiteboard. I like the elago Stylus for writing. You need either the VGA or HDMI dongle from the Apple store.   (NOTE: this set-up will not work properly with the iPad1 because it lacks VGA mirroring)
  2. Using a bluetooth connection, I control the slides from my iPhone using the “Keynote Remote” app.  In addition to letting me walk around the stage, it also let’s me see the next slide on my iPhone before I advance.  This allows me to mentally queue up what I will say next.
  3. If there is a WiFi network, I can use Apple TV (3rd generation) to connect my iPad wirelessly to an HDMI projector. This not only allows me to be cable-free.  It allows me to walk into the audience with my iPad and draw while off the stage.
  4. For smaller venues that don’t have an HDMI connection, I have an HDMI to VGA converter that allows me to hook wirelessly to old school projectors.

I find that with this set-up, I can create an engaging and interactive experience instead of a boring speech.

What other technologies do you use to make your speeches more engaging?

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