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I know that a lot of you are really busy and have limited time to digest heavy innovation content. Therefore, I’ve decided to launch TheInnovationMinute.com, 60 seconds of innovation inspiration each Wednesday. Here’s the first installment where I introduce my FAST Innovation model. The first few videos set the stage (so please be patient). After that we are off running with some solid content.


FAST = Focus, Ask, Shift, Test


Hi, I’m Steve Shapiro and welcome to the Innovation Minute, where I’ll be sharing 60 seconds of innovation inspiration every week. And today I want to introduce you to the framework that I’ll be using in the series. I call it the FAST Innovation Model.

FAST stands for:

F, focus. Focus your innovation efforts on the areas that are going have the greatest impact on your business, not all opportunities are equal.

The A is all about asking better questions. The questions we ask will lead us down the path of the solutions we get.

The S is about shift. We need to move away from an expertise mindset and shift to one of relational thinking, where we find connections to people who have solved similar problems.

And the T is about testing. It is about experimenting. It is about changing our relationship to failure.

I look forward to seeing you each week where we will spend one minute talking about innovation I’m Steve Shapiro, see you soon.

    • Stephen Shapiro says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, the author of Listening for Success is a different Steve Shapiro, and he sadly passed away many years ago. However, his work continues to inspire.

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