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Today is my father’s birthday.  To celebrate, today’s blog entry is dedicated to him, and one of the (many) ways he helped me be more successful.  This is the third in my series of blog entries on success.

From an early age, my father always said, “Everything happens for a reason.”

He didn’t mean it in a mystical or metaphysical way.  He meant it as a mindset.

Anytime I had a set-back, my father would repeat his mantra.  We would then discuss what positive things might now be possible as a result of the seemingly negative event.  In every situation, we could find a positive spin.

This simple perspective helped me become more resilient.  I was able to more quickly recover from set-backs.  Instead of lamenting a loss, I would treat it as an opportunity.

Admittedly, it sometimes took some serious digging to find the silver lining.  But I already did.  And having done this for several decades now, I feel as thought I can go from “breakdown” to “breakthrough” with “breakneck” speed.

I feel blessed to have been raised by two incredible parents (my sister is pretty awesome too).  I know that much of my success can be attributed to their love, support, and guidance.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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