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For the past few years, organizations have been reactively responding to disruptions caused by the pandemic. This has led to another pandemic, one of perpetual pivoting.

Organizations have been spinning in circles, dissipating energy, causing confusion, and burning out employees.

It is for this reason that I have been writing my seventh book. It is the antidote to this nonstop pivoting.

And I am pleased to finally announce the title and share the cover.

PIVOTAL: Stop Pivoting in Circles by Doubling Down on What Matters Most

Here’s the copy from the back cover:

Innovate Where You Differentiate

In a world where pivoting has become the norm, Pivotal offers a refreshing alternative: focus on what remains constant to forge deeper customer connections and generate enduring value. This book will help you master the art of:

  • crafting timeless differentiators
  • strategically prioritizing investments
  • cultivating a culture of differentiation that ignites employee engagement and value creation
  • applying the principles to both individuals and organizations

Pivotal delves into the vital link between an organization doubling down on its differentiator and becoming indispensable to customers. It’s about strengthening relationships and creating long-term sustainable value in a world where disruptive technologies and shifting business models are the norm. This isn’t just about standing out; it’s about balancing the need for stability and agility in a ceaselessly evolving landscape.


Note that this book will not be formally released for another year. The cover will change at that time. The title might even change.

At this time I am printing a limited number of pre-release copies for clients and colleagues. I may also make digital copies available for select individuals. If you are involved with innovation, strategy, or leadership for a large organization and would like a pre-release copy, please contact us.

The book is not available for purchase anywhere at this time, and won’t be until the Spring of 2024.

You can stay abreast of the latest updates here

With that, here’s the cover.

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