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In my article on “build it, try it, fix it,” I mentioned I was using an iterative approach for developing my new website. Today we launched a new version

What are the changes?  The unconventional thinking theme is now more pervasive. 

Each of the topics on the left link to that theme (e.g., Unconventional Thinking About…Innovation). 

In the body of the text you will notice a new flash banner with 10 unconventional thoughts.  You can click on any one to launch an article.

I am still working on my tag line, which is currently “Stephen Shapiro’s Reshaping Business & Life through Unconventional Thinking.” I would love your ideas!

Anyone who gives me a new tag line that I decide to use will get signed copies of my 3 books.  Please post your ideas as comments here. 

We’ve also added the ability to quickly share our blog entries with the rest of the world.   Just click on “share this” to send to a friend, Technorati or a number of other sites.

As always, I welcome your thoughts!

  1. Hi Stepehen:

    I like the new design and layout. I would prefer if your gaze was facing towards the page rather than away from the page.

    Tag lines seem so simple but the brevity makes for quite a challenge. No gems but how about:
    Stephen Shapiro’s Unconventional Thinking to Reshape Your Business and Your Life. Just a little tweak to put the customer twice into the tag line.

    Keep up the fine work.


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