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For the past couple of months, I have suffered from writer’s block.  I have not been motivated to write.

That is until this week, when I wrote five articles in three days.  My rut has ended.


The issue stemmed from my inability to find interesting topics. More accurately, it was from my inability to remember interesting topics.

I have so many conversations with fascinating people.  Yet as soon as I think something could be a good article idea, it flies right out of my head.

I am now treating the search for good article topics like a scavenger hunt.  I’m actively looking.

Each morning I “prime” myself for finding good articles.  I ask myself, “What cool topics will I uncover today?”  In the back of my mind now, every conversation I have, every article I read, every thought that pops into my head, is an opportunity for an article.

The second I have a thought that feels interesting, I write it down (typically in my iPhone). I don’t censor. And I don’t wait.  I’ve sometimes interrupted people during a conversation to say, “This is an awesome idea, I want to write it down so I don’t forget it.”  They actually appreciate the fact that I found them so interesting.

The other thing that has helped is having the right workspace.  I cleaned up my desk, removed the clutter, and bought a large monitor.  The writing experience is much more enjoyable.  I am now pulled to write because I want to sit at my desk.

I also realized that since I started traveling with only my iPad, I stopped writing. Although it is more convenient not bringing along my MacBook, I don’t like writing on the iPad, even with an external keyboard. Every article I wrote this week was done on my Mac. In fact, I am in a hotel room now writing this on my Mac.

These are the things that have helped me overcome my writer’s block.  What has worked for you?

P.S. I did not count this blog entry as one of the 5 I wrote this week 🙂

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