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Personality Poker Innovation BookPersonality Poker®: The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork and Innovation is unlike any other book.

And now you can get a case of them for less than the cost of one copy on Amazon.com!

Yes, the book is jam packed with examples and scientific studies on teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

But it also comes with a specially designed deck of cards that can be used to assess individuals, teams, and organizations. This deck can help you figure out:

  • What is your preferred innovation style? What are your innovation blind spots? It is important to note that who you are not is more important than who you are.
  • What is the composition of your team? Do you have a good complement of innovation styles? Is everyone in the right roles? If you don’t have a good balance, or if you have people involved with the wrong step of the innovation process, your innovation efforts will suffer.
  • What is the culture of your organization? How will it hinder innovation? How can it help innovation?

The cards (without the book) sell 5 for $80. If you want just the cards, you can get them here.

However, if you want the book with decks of cards, we have an amazing deal for you.

Check out the book on Amazon.com. It now sells for $500 for ONE copy.


poker on amazon copy

Through a special arrangement with Penguin (the publisher) we were able to get a limited number of books at a great discount…and we are passing the savings on to you.

We’ve already sold nearly all of of our 5,000 books and w

We only have a handful of cases remaining!

For a limited time, you can get 24 books (each with a deck of Personality Poker cards) INCLUDING shipping for only $350.*

That is pretty much the same cost as the cards.

This is a $650 retail value!

Do the math. You can get 40 books for the same price as only one on Amazon.com.

But order today! Only 40 36 24 15 7 4 boxes remain! Once they are gone, they are gone.

To take advantage of this offer, please write us at offer (at) personalitypoker (dot) com.

* PLEASE NOTE: Books are only sold in boxes of 24. They are shipped media mail; no expedited shipping is available. Shipping to the 48 United States only. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. No returns. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without any notice. Personality Poker is a registered trademark of Stephen Shapiro Enterprises LLC.

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