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Today I was interviewed on The Student Operated Press, an internet radio station. Click here to listen to this interview. Note that there is a lengthy introduction on the audio promoting their website, so be patient.

  1. Richard Brandt says:

    Thanks for telling us how you wrote your book. Your warmth, to me, makes you someone who would be a great friend.
    I found your site while spending a very long day without goals – and getting through about 200 “self development” type emails.

    A few months ago a Tony Robbins tape helped me change my definition of success to a more helpful one. On my “goalless” Saturday, instead of goals, I looked at what I liked about my life, and what I’d done to get there. (Like having a computer because I didn’t commit crimes and kept a job “forever.” You added the aspirations (to enhance the present) instead of ruining the here and now with efforts to be elsewhere.
    I spoke about this at Toastmasters and said it was my last speech because my future speeches would be variations on this same topic.
    As a Seinfeld episonde suggested, we can only really handle having a few friends, but (in the moment, we can “love the one we’re with.)

    Congratulations on being who you are and on getting there.
    Dick in Minneapolis
    PS: Thank you for the goalaholic test. It was very nice to learn that instead of being bad at goal seeking, I am LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. It’s even easier to do this now that I know I’m doing it.

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