Training & Workshops

Established Programs That Are Relevant to Your Needs

For those times when you need more than a keynote, we offer deep-dive innovation workshops and training sessions. These custom developed programs incorporate the content that is most relevant to your organization, bringing Stephen’s philosophies into practice. They are particularly popular with Corporate Executive Development Programs and High Potential Leadership Workshops.

In today’s highly competitive world, every organization is looking for ways to:

  • Speed time to market
  • Identify and deliver based on customer needs
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Prevent disruption from new technologies and new business models
  • Increase relevance of solutions
  • Align the entire organization around what is most important
  • Reduce the risk of failure
All of our teleseminars can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Stephen Shapiro’s FAST Innovation Model delivers on these needs in
less time than you would imagine.


Focus. Identify your differentiator and use this to prioritize your innovation investments. Innovate where you differentiate.


Ask. Instead of thinking outside the box, find a better box. Asking different questions will lead to a different range of solutions


Shift. Expertise is the enemy of innovation so everyone needs to shift their perspectives to new ways of identifying breakthrough solutions


Test. Failure has been over-glorified in the world of innovation. Your organization needs strategies to mitigate the risk of failure. Don’t fail, experiment.

In addition, Stephen will share perspectives on innovation measures, organization structures, technology and more.

This approach to innovation has increased ROI over tenfold over traditional methods.

For more information on his philosophy, watch this 6 minute video where he describes the first
three steps of the FAST model.

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