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Today I signed a two book deal with Penguin’s Portfolio imprint.  They are the publishers of excellent books including all of Seth Godin’s books and “The Back of the Napkin.”

The first book, “Personality Poker,” is scheduled to be in book stores September 2010. The book will be packaged with a deck of cards. The commercially published book will be completely different than the instruction manual you currently get when you buy the Personality Poker System.

The second book is a completely re-written version of “The Little Book of BIG Innovation Ideas” and is expected to be published March 2011.

I will keep you updated on some of the exciting research we are doing in conjunction with the book writing.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  Thanks to my literary agent, Bonnie Solow.  I feel honored and blessed to be working with her…

  1. Dear Stephen:
    Congratulations on your 2 book deal.

    I gained a lot from your Goal-Free Living: How to Have the Life You Want NOW! book, and often reply the recording of our interview.

    Blog looks great–glad I rediscovered you.

    Roger C. Parker

  2. Stephen
    You are an inspiration to so many! Congratulations on landing your 2 book deal.

    No doubt you will continue to inspire, motivate and engage minds as your books become available.

    Cheers to you

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