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  1. As Steve says, it’s all about connections which means having the points to connect (knowledge) and the ability to connect them (creativity). You can collect as much of the former as you like but you will not see one iota of innovation without the latter.

    From my experience it is much easier to collect knowledge than to find the person that can apply it usefully to a problem. Thus, it takes more than throwing together people with varied experiences or areas of expertise. The creative person does not have to be an expert is each field but is more often found to have sufficient awareness of adjacent fields to be able to either solve the problem themselves or at least know who to ask or where to look for the missing piece.

  2. Your video speech is a great and badly statement to change todays culture of of specialized ignorance in research!

    And I know also this very closely:

    without connections the best creativity is nothing at all (look around at Light2Art and you will find it prooved easily).

    All the studied people think, the aim must be to find the right answers.
    I think the the real aim should be to find the crucial new questions.
    But when all questions must be thought only be specialists first to be recognized, this could be the greatest enemy on further development.

    I have Fibromylgia (about 2 decades) and all doctors said to me: all you know about this illness is wrong, because you are no specialist. But he also had to say later: all I know about this illness is the word and the effects it’s draw. I have another illness named “Organistenkrankheit” and also there is nothing known about it.

    The question would be: it is possible that both illnesses are affects of the same and very untypical early infection by a Staphylococcus aureus? My life and what I know about my parents and also some self-experiments points in that direction.

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