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One of the problems with goals is that they are often not your own. According to our Goalaholic survey, nearly 50% of the population believes that they are living their lives in a way that satisfies others (friends, family, co-workers) more than it satisfies them.

And sometimes parents are to blame. Most parents only want the best for their children. They want them to have what they didn’t. And they believe that they know what is best for their them. But sometimes striving for your children to have the best only stops them from achieving greatness in their own way.

A powerful illustration of this point is a video clip from the award wining film “Who the Hell is Bobby Roos?” This movie is based on the life of Roger Kabler who is an actor, leading celebrity impressionist, and former star of NBC’s “Rhythm and Blues”. This is the story of a man who could be anything…but himself. In this scene, Bobby Roos (played by Roger Kabler) confronts his father (played by his real father) about the pressures of achieving his goals. This interaction is completely improvised…and real.

Click here to view the PG version (2 minutes)

Click here to view the R-rated version (3 minutes — very strong language)

P.S. Although this in the “fun” blog category, I find this to be anything but…

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