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I need your help!

I am in the process of finishing the manuscript for my next book, “Personality Poker.”  The book will be published by Penguin’s Portfolio books and is expected in stores September 2010.

We have been working on a subtitle for the book – and I would love your input.

I realize that you don’t know the details of the book.  But in general, it is about creating high performing innovation teams through the use of my specially designed poker cards.  There are a few key concepts:

  1. Individuals should “play to their strong suit.”  In Personality Poker, the four suits correlate to the four primary innovation styles and the four steps of the innovation process.  Therefore, if you understand your innovation style/suit, you can maximize your contributions to your team.   [NOTE: “strong suit” is actually a term from bridge and not poker]
  2. Organizations must “play with a full deck.”  That is, companies must have all of the styles (and sub-styles) in order to truly be innovative.  Most organizations are out of balance and have too many of just one or two styles.  This inhibits innovation.
  3. Deal out the work.”  Once everyone is clear about their role in the innovation process, you want to divide and conquer.  Avoid having everyone do everything.  Give people specific tasks and roles.

That’s the 10,000 (maybe 30,000) foot view.  You can learn more – and watch a video – on the Personality Poker page.

So, the question is, what is a good subtitle? Here’s a list of some ideas we had…

  • “[How to] Play Your Best Hand to Win Big in Business”
  • “[How to] Play with a Full Deck to Win Big in Business”
  • “[How to] Play to Your Strong Suit to Win Big in Business”
  • “[How to] Play with a Full Deck to Create High Performing Teams”
  • “[How to] Play to Your Strong Suit to Create High Performing Teams”
  • “[How to] Play Your Best Hand to Create High Performing Teams”

Do you like any of these?  Note that the “How to” is optional as each subtitle can stand on its own without those words.

Better yet, I would love to get new ideas for a subtitle.

Please leave your suggestion (either a new idea or a vote for an existing idea) as a comment.  If we end up using your subtitle, we will send you the Personality Poker system (a $200 value).  Plus, when the new book is published, we will send you a signed copy (with an additional deck of the redesigned cards).

Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Hi Steve,

    How about: –

    How to use your top cards for a winning hand
    Play your cards right and you can win
    Winning is all about knowing when to play and when to fold

    By the way your books are always great.


  2. As good creative practice here are some less serious suggestions that might give someone else a good idea.

    Bluff your way in business
    When the chips are down
    How to get a raise

    I’ll stop there


  3. More ideas submitted elsewhere…

    You don’t need a Joker when you’re playing for high stakes!

    Finding the style that “suits” you

    How to win the innovation game

    The trump card in your quest for innovation

    Achieving a winning innovation hand

    Playing your best suit

    An innovator’s guide to going “all in”

    How to achieve a royal flush in the innovation game

    How to become a real innovation champion….

    How to play “innovation” with a full deck

  4. Serious playing tactics to create high performance teams that win big in business

    Serious plays for high performance teams that win big in business

    Innovative plays to create a business winning high performance team

    Innovative plays to create a business winning team

    Win big in business playing with a high performance innovative team

    Power plays to create an innovative high perfomance winning team


  5. * Advice You Can Bet Your Life on

    * Using Your Mind to Play Your Best Hand

    * How Any Hand Can Win the (Innovation) Game

    …I dunno, you’ve got so many good ideas submitted already by the other contributors (and yourself). Either way, I look forward to the book!

  6. Miguel Munoz Duarte says:

    Probably it is too late and I didn’t read if they are already in the table:
    -Personality poker:a game you need to play to win in innovation
    -Personality poker: play your way to innovation
    -Personality poker: playing for a ‘Full-House’ innovation
    -Personality poker: find the cards you need for innovation
    -Personality poker: how to deal the cards in the innovation ‘game’
    -Personality poker: the secret for a ‘Full-House’ innovation
    -Personality poker: the secrets to win in the innovation ‘casino’

    Thanks a lot

  7. Stephen,

    It’s probably just me, but I would scrap the word PERSONALITY in the title. The word PERSONALITY doesn’t give off the right vibes. Wimpy?

    Just call it something like…TEAM POKER, Finding and Using Your Own Personal Style in the Business World Through Poker

    PS: I have four poker books currently in the works (who knows if they’ll ever be published?). And I have probably the largest poker and gambling quote collection in the world (over 14,000?) Let me know if you need any of these quotes to enhance the book here and there (the start of each chapter?). I would be glad, for free, to send you some. Just give me a subject or chapter heading and I’ll see what I have. I do this free for a lot of authors, mostly gambling gurus.

    Terrence “VP Pappy” Murphy (Google VP Pappy)


  8. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. In the end, the publisher chose this one:

    “The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork and Innovation”

    They wanted it to be clear that this is primarily a business book. So they emphasized teamwork and innovation.

    Lizanne and Miguel, your suggestions were the closest. Therefore I will be sending you a little gift for your contribution.


  9. Miguel Munoz Duarte says:

    Hello Steve!
    Despite being more literal it sounds nice too. I’m quite sure it will be a success. When will we see it in the bookstores?
    Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward for our “little gift”… aren’t you Lizanne?

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