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In my last post of the year, I shared my process for planning the new year.

In summary, instead of resolutions, I set themes. Themes are not goals to achieve. Rather they are words that help guide and shape the year. I first wrote about this concept in my 2005 book, Goal-Free Living

And now it is time to reveal my themes for 2018.

I am in the middle of my “innovation retreat week.”

And although the week is not over, themes have started to emerged. This theme popped into my head during a meditation on the hot tub:

“Question Everything”

This means questioning and challenging every part of my business.

What assumptions am I making? What has worked in the past that may be a liability in the future? Who are my typical clients and who do I want them to be in the future? What should my content be focused on? How do I deliver my content?

Of course I will keep what is working and what I like (e.g., I love keynote speaking). But asking these questions may force me to blow up some aspects of my business, or add new elements.

In line with this theme, I will soon be announcing a new “offering” that will give mid-sized companies direct access to me for a fraction of what it would normally cost them. This is a new way of delivering my content to a potentially new audience. Look for my “Innovation Intervention” over the coming weeks.

Interestingly, my 2018 theme is almost the opposite of my 2016 theme: Nothing NewThat year, my goal was to leverage my existing offerings, content, clients, and ideas.

As part of this process, it has been fun to reflect on my past themes. To help you think about what might work for you, here are a few of mine from previous years: 2007 Creating a Movement | 2009 Cool Things | 2012 More Money, Less Work, Greater Impact & Rituals & Perfection2017 Orlando & Investment

What are your themes for 2018?

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