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In this week’s episode, I am joined by my guest Dan Kaus. Together we tackle the problem: “How can we find time for innovation?”

Dan has innovation experience with a wide range of companies and industries, including Accenture, BP, Campbell’s Soup, and many others.

Dan shared some of this thoughts on this, including:

  • Try to integrate innovation into daily work rather than keeping is separate
  • Simplify innovation so there is less confusion
  • Ensure implementation of high-value ideas

We also explored how using the Invisible Solutions lenses can provide some new insights into this problem. In particular, we used:

  • #1: LEVERAGE – What is the part of the innovation process that will have the greater impact? Where is there currently the biggest bottleneck?
  • #2: DECONSTRUCT – What are the steps of the innovation process and where should we focus?
  • #3: REDUCE – How can we simply the innovation process by reducing steps, ambiguity, or ideas to implement?
  • #7: RESULT – Why do we care about innovation? What’s the ultimate goal?
  • #12: REASSIGN – How can we leverage outside resources to help us make innovation a reality?

It was a fascinating conversation that I know you will find valuable!

You can connect with Dan on LinkedIn at www.DanKaus.com

To download the lenses, go to www.GetTheLenses.com

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