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Episode #7 of the Invisible Solutions podcast is now live.

What if loving your ideas can lead to failure? I first address this question and why confirmation bias and positive test strategy can destroy your innovation efforts.

Then I have on my first guest, Jack Elkins, the former Director of Innovation for the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic. He and I discuss the question: How can we help organizations solve their own problems in a collaborative environment?

We explore a number of key points for setting up the right environment:

  • Generate laughter and listening through improv comedy
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reinforce why they are there – and remind them they have permission
  • Remove labels and hierarchies

We also discuss a great story on how observation led to a problem-reframe for a college football team, along with a few other helpful tips.

This one is an action packed 17 minutes!

Connect with Jack.

Download the lenses from Invisible Solutions.

Submit a problem to be solved on a future episode.


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