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Episode #6 of the Invisible Solutions podcast is now live.

In this episode we discuss the Performance Paradox (Lens #18 in Invisible Solutions) and Goal-Free Living.

The Performance Paradox is based on the perspective that the more you focus on a goal, the less likely you are to achieve that goal.

This lens is based on an earlier book of mine called, Goal-Free Living. It is not about living without goals, but rather changing your relationship to goals. It is the approach we use to tackle the problem: How can we move forward when the future is uncertain?”

The essence of Goal-Free Living is “meandering with purpose.”

Learn more about Goal-Free Living.

To download the lenses from Invisible Solutions, go to www.GetTheLenses.com

If you are interested in more of the statistics from the book, read them here.

And finally, if you want to learn more about scientific research that is the basis of the Performance Paradox, read about the Yerkes–Dodson law.

If you want to learn more about the study on the correlation between happiness and wealth, you can read it here


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