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Shapiro podcastsI’ve been interviewed many times on many podcasts over the past couple of months and I’ve not had time to post them all here. So here, in one post, you will find several of my more recent interviews. Enjoy!

  1. I had a fun interview with Will Barron. We explored the world of sales, and in particular what sales people can learn from innovators, and how sales people can innovate how they sell. Go to the salesman.red podcast page to listen and learn more.
  2. Deirdre Sanborn and I discussed a wide range of innovation topics, ranging from how unconscious biases impact innovation to why expertise is the enemy of innovation. Go to her Ambition Project Podcast for the recording.
  3. Seth Greene and I explored how you innovate with purpose for his Direct Response Marketing podcast (this link goes straight to iTunes)
  4. Kelly Scanlon over at Think Bigger Business Media, conducted a great interview about innovation. You can get it here.
  5. I was recently interviewed by Expernova, a French innovation company about Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. Here’s the resulting article on their website.

There are other interviews that will be posted in a separate blog entry.

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