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I was recently interviewed for an article for Investor’s Business Daily.

The topic of conversation was how reframing a problem can lead to better solutions.

Here is the very start of the article:

Racing to stay a step ahead of rivals, leaders often rush to find new innovations. They state a problem and tell their team to solve it. Yet jumping right into brainstorming can backfire if you don’t set the proper backdrop first.

It’s better to invest more time in framing the issue before trying to fix it with new innovations.

Defining what’s at stake, why it matters and how an innovative solution will help consumers’ lives enhances your team’s understanding of the task at hand. Putting a narrow problem in a broader context generates more buy-in.

“Sometimes, the way we frame a problem can open up new possibilities,” said Stephen Shapiro, author of “Invisible Solutions.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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