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Episode #9 of the Invisible Solutions podcast is now live.

Today we start by answering the question, “What if trying to innovate everywhere can negatively impact your innovation effort?” The key is to innovate where you differentiate. Not all opportunities are equal. Therefore you want to invest in the areas that help you stand out from the competition.

And then we tackle a “listener” submitted question: “How can Santa more effectively deliver all of his packages in one night?” Yes, the North Pole is a listener of the podcast. 🙂

Santa is getting older and his elves are worried about his health. They would like to find a more efficient way to deliver the gifts each year.

To reframe this problem, we use three of the lenses from Invisible Solutions:

  • #12: REASSIGN

Hopefully the ideas in this episode can help any organization who has to deliver packages or services.

Download the lenses from Invisible Solutions

Submit a problem to be solved on a future episode

Happy Holidays!

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