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Given that we are in a new year, I thought it might be nice to reflect on the past year.  So today I want to share with you my favorite blog entries from 2011.  I chose my top 10 for three categories: 1)innovation & creativity, 2) general business, and 3) life and happiness.  Admittedly, the articles I like most tend to come from the last category as they are more personal in nature.

The articles are not listed in any particular order, but the asterisks do indicate the crème de la crème (in my humble opinion).

And don’t forget, these only represent the entries from 2011.  I have been writing since January 2005 (7 years) and have over 500 articles on this blog.

I welcome any and all comments (e.g, if I missed one you liked, or if one should be taken off the list).  Enjoy!


  1. *** Freedom Can Limit Innovation
  2. *** My ABC News Interview (and other media)
  3. *** My Article in Southwest Airlines Magazine
  4. *** Ask a Different Question, Get a Different Answer
  5. *** Ideas, Ideas Everywhere…
  6. Why Brainstorming is Stupid
  7. What I Learned From an Expired Bottle of Mayo (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  8. Is Thinking Choking Your Creativity? (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  9. Stop Asking for Ideas (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  10. Why Edison Was Wrong (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  1. *** How to Publish a Book in 2 Weeks (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  2. *** Before You Can Multiply You Must First Learn to Divide (AMEX OPEN FORUM)
  3. *** Your Customers Are Cynics (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  4. *** I Won’t Work for Money
  5. *** Why You Should Work with People You Don’t Like (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  6. How to Create a Happy Work Environment (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  7. Tactics for Captivating Your Audience (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  8. 7 Strategies for Running Your Business While Pursing Your Passions (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  9. The Performance Paradox (Idea Connection)
  10. How I Used Crowdsourcing the Wrong Way And What You Can Learn From It (AMEX OPEN Forum)


  1. *** Balance of Work and Life is a Myth (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  2. *** How to Embrace and Conquer Pain (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  3. *** How to Always Be On Time (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  4. *** When You Sit on the Fence, You Get Splinters in Your Ass! (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  5. *** How to Be Selfless by Being Self-Centered (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  6. *** How Losing Personal Attachments Can Help You Realize Ambition (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  7. *** How to Create Luck in Business and Life (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  8. The Key to Immediate Happiness (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  9. Is It OK To Marry Your Work – part 1 (AMEX OPEN Forum)
  10. Is It OK To Marry Your Work – part 2


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