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In today’s episode, we explore how changing just one word in a  problem statement can unleash an entirely new range of possible solutions – including new business models.

We explore 3 lenses in particular:

  • #15: SUBSTITUTE – change a word, including but not limited to synonyms.
  • #10: HYPERNYM – use a word that is less specific (more abstract)
  • #15: HYPONYM – use a word that is more specific (more detailed)

I share a wide range of stories from NASA, book creation, meat companies, and restaurants.

This is a powerful example of how subtle changes can have a profound impact on your solutions.

If you really want to better understand how to use the lenses, this is one that you don’t want to miss!

Download the lenses from Invisible Solutions

Submit any problems you want me to solve on the show

Search Princeton’s Hypernym/Hyponym dictionary

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