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Innovation Insights by Stephen Shapiro

In this episode, we first explore a myth of productivity. Although most organizations are busier than ever and they want to “do more with less,” this is often the opposite of what is effective. Instead you want to “do less, get more.” Focus on the leverage points of your business and you will get greater productivity.

This is an example of #1: LEVERAGE – what’s the one activity that will generate the greatest results

During this, I also explore a provocative perspective: Before you can multiply, you must first learn to divide. I think you will find that there is great wisdom in this expression.

After setting the stage with these philosophies, I use them to tackle a user submitted question: How can I sell my digital product to as many people as possible?

To solve this problem, I use two lenses:

  • #3: REDUCE – how can lower our goals to achieve a better result?
  • #12: REASSIGN – who else can we involve in our work?

This episode will open your mind and get you thinking in new and different ways.

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