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I am pleased to announce that this blog was recently selected as the #1 blog for articles on Innovation Talent by the innovation software company, Swarm Vision.

Getting the right people in the right roles is a critical part of the innovation process. Personality Poker® is just one of the many tools we have for helping make this a reality.

Swarm Vision’s research methodology is as follows (in their words):

  • First we identified the top 60 blogs using several online lists
  • We then focused on those blogs with at least 5,000 Facebook fans or Twitter followers, of which there are 31
  • We then analyzed recent months of these 31 blogs, looking for any articles on innovation talent
  • We also searched key terms on each of 31 blogs to unearth older articles of relevance
  • We tagged each article on the aspects of innovation that it discussed (e.g. creativity, leadership, teams, hiring, retention, culture of innovation)
  • Finally, we rated each blog on the percentage of articles related to innovation talent, and on the quality of those articles. We defined quality as offering clear advice (not fluff) based on empirical results, not just assertion.

You can read the full article on InnovationManagement.se.

Thanks for the honor!

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