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On today’s episode, we look into ways of “cloning” someone digitally. In particular, we discuss how to take the knowledge from someone’s brain and convert it into workable tools. The problem statement we start with is, “How can we create software that is so great that customers will be mad if we take it away?” […]

In order to sell your ideas, you need to be better at using data. But what if leading with data might be the very thing that prevents you from selling your ideas? On this episode, I am joined by my friend and colleague, Brad Kolar. He and I worked closely together at Accenture. He was […]

In this week’s episode, I am joined by my guest Dan Kaus. Together we tackle the problem: “How can we find time for innovation?” Dan has innovation experience with a wide range of companies and industries, including Accenture, BP, Campbell’s Soup, and many others. Dan shared some of this thoughts on this, including: Try to […]

In this episode, we explore the power of adventure and new experiences as a means for improving luck, increasing creativity, and enhancing problem-solving skills. This episode is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Dr. Jeff Salz, the quintessential adventurer, who passed away last month. This week we cover: Luck: How being open to ANY […]

Thought leaders for years have told people what to do. They write books, shoot videos, and create online training programs. Consultants on the other hand do all of the heavy lifting for their clients, implementing the solutions. But what if the key to creating more value for your customers/clients – and for your business – […]

Marketers will tell you the importance of growing your network. But what if the key to long-term success is about nurturing your network? In today’s episode we explore some power of creating deep relationships versus a large number of transactions. A question I am often asked is, “How can we market our business to attract new […]

Scaling a service-based business isn’t easy. Especially if you are a solopreneur who doesn’t want to hire employees or have expensive overhead. Short of cloning yourself or working 24 hours a day, what’s the solution? A question I am often asked by my professional speaker, consultant, and training colleagues is, “How can we scale my […]

It gets easy to fall into the trap of equating novelty with innovation. But they are not the same. Value and relevancy are what matter with innovation. In this episode, we explore how to make sure you are solving the real problem. Instead of focusing on your own strengths, identify the needs of your customers. […]

In this episode, I share three useful tricks every innovator should steal from magicians. Then I share one of my favorite lenses – #24: VARIATIONS. The three tricks to steal are: Don’t trust the brain Start with the impossible solution. Performance is as important as the method. I also share why simplification is often the […]

When looking for solutions to your problems, it seems logical to turn to best practices for answers. But what if best practices are stupid? What if they are not the key to innovation or problem-solving and may lead you down the wrong path? In this episode, we explore three reasons why best practices may be […]

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