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Is it just me, or has every industry moved to a subscription/membership model for their services and products? This seems to be a new form of business model innovation, especially when it is married with online services. Of course the concept of memberships or subscriptions is not new. Gym and health club memberships have been around since the […]

On December 31 each year, instead of setting resolutions, I set a theme for the following year. And for 2016 it is nothing new. That’s my theme: “Nothing New.” This year I won’t be doing anything new. Some of you reading this might be thinking, “Huh??? I thought you were Mr. Innovation. Nothing new. Really?”

The other day I posted an article about innovation on LinkedIn. I was surprised to find a comment from someone I worked with at Accenture over 15 years ago. To paraphrase, he said… No offence, but I remember at a meeting in London trying to demonstrate to you how (a specific software platform) could be a […]

Relevancy, Not Novelty Good innovators know that you always start with your customers’ needs or problems. In fact, studies show that a lack of customer insight is the number one cause of innovation failure. When looking to study innovative industries, financial services companies rarely comes to mind. Instead we equate financial services with a conservative and risk-averse […]

I am a fan of mysteries. I think they can train the brain to be a better innovator. I’m currently re-reading the complete works of Sherlock Holmes. In “A Study in Scarlet,” Holmes provides some great perspectives that everyone should consider. After Holmes made some amazing deductions about Watson’s current state of affairs, Watson was […]

One very dark night I was walking down the street. Under a street lamp there was a drunk guy who was on his hands and knees looking for something. I stopped and asked what he was doing. He slurred his words and said, “I lost my keys and am looking for them.” I asked him, […]

3 weeks ago we had all of our belongings boxes and shipped from Boston to Florida. The movers still haven’t arrived and we don’t know where our items are and we don’t know when they will arrive. I find this incomprehensible. Domino’s Pizza can tell me where my pizza is in the cooking process, who […]

Many years back I consumed a massive amount of diet cola. 5 liters or more each day. I would unconsciously drink a 20-ounce bottle while working at my desk. It seemed like within 5 minutes it was empty, and I didn’t even recall drinking it. So I would buy another and consume it equally fast. […]

The other day I posted an article about purposeful tangents that included a video interview with magician Armando Lucero.  If you did not read that article, please sure to do so before reading this video transcription. 

Although I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to understanding innovation, I no longer attend innovation conferences, unless I am speaking. Also, I read very few innovation books. Why?

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